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NOTD: Springtime Lemonade

So I know I'm suppose to be taking a nail polish break, but who can do such a thing??? So I slapped on some Duri under my polish and kept it This is Orly Lemonade and Konad image plate m3. I used Finger Paints Put Your Feet Up and ChG Coconut Kiss w/ the Konad. The both seem to Konad friendly polishes. When I originally bought Orly Lemonade I hated it. I'm coming to terms with the color, but hate the application. It seems a bit more thinner than my other polishes and just annoys me.

I'm excited that I was finally able to use my Konad. Acetone versus regular nail polish remover made all the difference in the world, but how the heck do you use acetone and not dry out your fingers and get cotton everywhere???? My primary reason for getting the acetone was for my konad, but it's really hard to use and not get pieces of acetone filled cotton stuck to my nails so if anyone has some tips and/or tricks for me please let me know.

I also tried out Sally Hansen's No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen today and I don't care for it. I really had to scrub and I think it's easier to just use a cotton swab with polish remover. I would like to know how people get the perfect gaps by the cuticle though.

Hope you like!



Another Bottle of Polish said...

Those are cute. I'm still struggling with konad myself. However, I do use acetone a lot - for everything. When I use it to remove a mani, I was my hands right afterwards and then moisturise them. I use it on qtips for cleaning my konad plates while stamping, and I use it on a brush to clean up my new manis (still getting the hang of this). Once all the polish is dry I wash again and moisturise. Hope this helps!

Brittany B. said...

I found out that sometimes the konad has a slight film om it when you buy it so you need to file it and then use acetone to clean it and it should work good after biggest issue is placement

I've been washing before and after my mani now, too. Do you use cuticle oil after every mani? I just started doing that the other day. Thanks for commenting :)

♥ SailorWifey