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This is just a little reminder that I've officially swtiched to wordpress for good.
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MilSpouse Friday Fill-in

Today's post is at my new site. I've finally bought my own domain and I'm on wordpress now. Please stop by and follow the new page. It's the same blog just a new url. I will be slowly adding all the posts from this site to the new one.


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He's Just Not That Into You

Mama's Losin' It

It's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This weeks prompts are:

1.) Describe the worst diet you ever put yourself on.

2.) But teachers know everything!! Write about a time a teacher disappointed you.
3.) …And then you panicked.
4.) Signs that your little one is just not that into you anymore.
5.) 10 reasons why you’re glad it’s Fall.

Signs your boy's are just NOT that into you...

  1. Eye Rolling - these days they start pretty young with the eye rolling. My hubby wouldn't believe me when I would say Jaidon rolled his eyes at me.
  2. Denies Affection - you just want a hug and a kiss and he's just wants you to GET AWAY!
  3. Ignores you - So you really believe that  he didn't hear you from the other room as you were calling his name from the top of your lungs.
  4. You're not ALLOWED to walk him to or from school - Last year when David told me he didn't need me to pick him up from school anymore I was heartbroken. I would secretly watch from my door until he got close and then chill like I wasn't worried about him at all.
  5. He doesn't want to hold your hand anymore.
I thought I could go to ten, but that's honestly all I've got. I'm sure in a few years I'll manage to get to ten with no problem and I'm sooo NOT looking forawrd to those days!

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A Year Ago Today

Thursday Blog Hops

As sad, lonely, and depressed as I was a year ago I really look forward to these posts. The only reason I know exactly what happened a year ago is because I'm able to go back and read what I emailed my hubby while he was on deployment.

A year ago today while my hubby was gone I was having a sleep over. Kids and mommies everywhere. I wish I had pictures of the evening but I don't. I just remember half of us had homework to do and we'd all crash out in my living room. Only one other mother had a school age child and her daughter and Jaidon were in Pre-K together and they didn't go to school until noon so it just all worked out. I would get up and get David off to school and go back to sleep. I'm grateful for those days. They really helped me cope.

Any other milspouses have sleepover while hubby's deployed?

 Check out From PDX with Love, Mommy Only Has Two Hands, and Wyatt Family Farm and share what you were doing a year ago today.

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Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Recap.

This weekend a good friend of mine kidnapped me Saturday for some much needed girl time. I had a blast!

Trying on sunglasses at Lane Bryant:

Now clothes:

I love the top, but think it would be better suited with leggings. Yes my thick grown behind wear leggings and I love them. I just think they should be paried with a long shirt or short dress.

Loving the flower detail on the purse.

Lunch at Bravo Farms was superb. I had a bbq salmon salad w/ spicy french dressing.

She had a grilled chicken sandwhich on herb focaccia bread w/ sea salt potato chips.

We added lemons and strawberries to our water so it wasn't so boring.

E being silly in Claires:

Trying on pretty awesome aprons:

so me:

totally something E would say to me...big meanie!

A message to her future hubby

Sushi at Akamaru (FIVE STARS) for dinner:

We ate two plates before we realized we forgot to take pics. Yeah I'm greedy!

This is the hottest stuff I've ever had in life. NEVER AGAIN
OMG Roll (should be called WTF...just sayin)
A spicy tuna roll topped with salmon, yellowtail and jalapeno. Spiked with Sano's spicy sauce and smelt eggs.

We also had manis/pedis while in Visailia. Saturday took a huge load off. Thanks E!

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Business Card Giveaway

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