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This nail breaking biz has got to go!!!

So both thumbs decided to split on the sides today...ugh. I went to the commisary to get nail glue, because I have fiberglass strips, but no glue and the only thing they had was Sally Hansen's Insta-Fix Nail Repair Kit.

Originally I bought it with the intention to just use the glue with the fiberglass, but then I figured why not actually try it out the way it's intended to be used. So far so good. It's very easy to use. The glue is a brush on which is always a positive for me because I'm the type to glue fingers  The powder side is reminiscent of a salt shaker and you just shake it onto the glue on your nail. Here is a pic of the powder end (not the greatest shot):

and my nail (omg this was a hard shot to get and still stinks):

The packaging says this can be used on natural or acrylic nails. I haven't applied any polish over top yet so I don't know if it will look lumpy and gross, but I'm just happy my whole tip didn't tear off tonight.

♥ SailorWifey


Makeup Mama said...

Hey mama, I saw your post saying that you nail broke already, but I thought I'd share this with you anyway in case it happens again. When a nail splits I grab a tea bag (like a tetley tea bag, not a fancy silk bag or anything) and I snip a piece of the bag paper into a small shape that will fit over the break and then I put a drop of glue over the break and put the paper piece on top. You have to work with it a bit with a small stick (like a cuticle stick)to get it to stay flat, but one it's dry you can lightly file it to be flat against the nail and presto. Paint over it and you're good to go. I find it to be stronger than using these things. It will eventually give way, but if you catch it before it actually breaks off, you can do it again. SUCH a LONG comment hey?

Brittany B. said...

It didn't break yet...just tore more. Someone else mention the tea bag method to me too so I will have to try it. I think I need a new nail strengthener. Duri worked great when I first stopped biting my nails, but it seems me nails are splitting more and more lately :(

♥ SailorWifey

Laura said...

I am always breaking a nail. Like Thursday of course. I keep that same Sally Hansen stuff in my bag just for the occasion. :oP

It does a great job, but as soon as I get home I put a proper silk patch on.

Brittany B. said...

Oh so I'm suppose to just use that as a temporary fix???? I'm thinking of silk (actually it's fiberglass that I have) wrapping all my nails today.