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We Can't Protect Them From Themselves

As parents we have hopes and dreams for our children. Pushing them to be all we know they can be, but we can't protect them from themselves. We are all born with the ability to make choices. Some decisions will always be better than others, but we must always live with the consequences of our actions. I don't believe in mistakes. Every single move we make leads to another one and we learn.

I've learned I'm a bit more over protective than I ever thought I'd be. Not because my kids aren't awesome and bright, but because I'm just not ready for the big boo boos. It's easy to kiss an owie on a physical fall, but I'm not ready for my children to do the silly obnoxious things I did as a child. For the most part I was a good kid, but I rebelled hard when I turned 14. That was an awful year for me. My grandfather died and I learned that the man who had been raising me as long as I could remember (and was also physically abusive, but that's another story) wasn't biologically my father. I also met my sperm donor. I call him that because he has still yet to attempt to be some sort of fatherly figure to me and I'm still bitter about it. Anyhow, I started running away and even moved to New York at sixteen (yes you read that correctly, sixteen). There was nothing my parents could do. I was determined to make the decisions I wanted to make.

One of my besties is going through a tough time right now. Her son was arrested for a pretty bad crime yesterday. I love this child with all my heart. He's a product of his mother. Has a hard shell and a sarcastic mouth, but once you get to the core they just melt. Sweetest people ever. As cliche as it may be "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." I'm living proof of that. I pray that this will make them both stronger. He can get through this a better person and I'm speaking it into existence that he will. I love yall. Always!

♥ SailorWifey

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