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Mini Haul

The Commisary had a new Wet n Wild display and I quickly picked up 5 of the colors.

Cabana, Bora Bora, & Kauai

Sumatra & Cozumel

Sumatra & Cozumel are going into the giveaway :)


Christina said...

I'm loving these colors! Especially the Cabana!

SailorWifey said...

I love that color too and Bora Bora of course...Lord knows I can't go without my pink.

Courtney!;* said...

cabana & bora bora are my favsss! i`m def gonna have to see about getting those babies.

SailorWifey said...

I need to go back and get the colors without the shimmer next. I hope they're still there.

Melyssa said...

those colors look gorgeous!

SailorWifey said...