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Tag: 10th Pic

Here are the rules:

1.Open your 1st Photo folder.

2.Scroll to the 10th photo.

3.Post the photo & the story behind it.

4.Tag 5 or more people.

Tagged by: Msa. Bright

This is my 10th pic

So my picture folder on my computer is actually just random pictures that I either use on my blog or in the forums I'm a part of. These are shorts I bought last weekend from Forever 21.
Next up...Anyone who would like to participate.



Sarah said...

Just checked out your blog after seeing your comment on "Married to a Sailor's" site. Your blog makes me smile and reminded me not to take everything so seriously :) Can't wait to hear about your adventure with the fake eyelashes (i'm too chicken!)

SailorWifey said...

Awww...thanks for checking me out! I'm chicken myself, but I'm going to do it...I may even video my first time...we'll see. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I may need to make a point to go out to Forever 21 this weekend now! New follower!

SailorWifey said...


I'll return the favor.