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Day 2: Favorite Movie

I like to watch movies, but I am by no means a movie fanatic or buff.

I love old movies like:

ooooh and you can forget

After classics would definitely be love stories or romantic comedies:

I'm also a TwiHard...I'm sorry, but vampires just turn me on...

Hasn't come out just yet, but it's still going on the list...LOL

So....if you have a day with just the dvd player (or netflix in my case), remote, and your bed...what will you pop in???


Anonymous said...

AH! Coming to America is all based in Queens where my fiance is from! Deff would be watching a Disney classic though. Beauty and the Beast is an all time favorite

SailorWifey said...

OMG you're so could I forget Disney?!?!?! I love so many Disney movies.