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A Birth Story

5 years ago today my baby boy was born. Since I am a member of Justmommies my birth story is posted on the web. I've never went back and read it until today and I thought it would be cool to share.

Another member wrote this part while I was in the hospital:

She arrived at the hosptial last night around 9pm. She was having painful contractions so they gave her medication to relax her and let her sleep thru the night. Around 9am they broke her water and started her on pitocin. She began to contract harder and around 130pm the nurses told her to begin pushing but Jaidon came down alot faster than they thought he would and he was ready to come out before the dr arrived. Since the dr has to be present the nurses did not allow her to keep pushing and were actually holding him in. By the time the dr arrived Jaidon's umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck twice. He was born at 1:57 pm. He weighed 6lbs 5.7oz and measured 17in long. She pushed for a total of 8 minutes. Since his cord was wrapped around his neck, he was unable to breathe on his own and was immediatly taken to NICU. He began to breathe about 3 minutes after birth. He is still in NICU and Brittany hasnt gotten to hold him yet but he is expected to be ok. She says hi to everyone and she will be back on Thursday. 

I wrote this:

Monday evening I started having contraction 2-3 minutes apart around 7 in the evening. I got to L&D at around 9 pm...they decided to give me some pain medicine for the contractions and some sleep medicine to let me rest. Tuesday morning they checked me and I was 3 cm dilated so the Dr. broke my water and they started me on pitocin. Very soon after that I was in pain and told them to give me my d@mn Around 1:30 the Dr checked me and told them I would be ready in 15 minutes. The nurse checked me and decided it was time to start pushing to get Jaidon down the canal...well I gave a few good pushes and they told me to stop pushing. The nurse called the Dr, but Jaidon was finally ready to come out and was waiting for no one. It took the Dr forever to show up and the nurse started pushing Jaidon back in with contractions. When the Dr finally arrived and all the nurse did was move her hand and Jaidon slid on out, but I instantly saw he wasn't okay and started crying. The cord had been wrapped around his neck twice and he wasn't breathing. They had to take him to stabilization to start breathing and then took him to NICU for 6 hours. They did not take me to see him until 5 minutes before they decided it was time for him to go to the regular nursery . Once I had Jaidon in my room I was fine. I was up and walking 6 hours after delivery (I tried to get up before then, but forgot about my I did not tear or need an epsiotomy. Jaidon is breastfeeding and get this...It doesn't hurt one bit...the only thing that hurts is when I get those cramps from the uterus going down, but I am fine.

Two weeks after Jaidon was born he had to go back to NICU for jaundice. He was there one week and then he came home for good. Jaidon is a funny, outspoken, and loving little guy. I can't believe my baby is growing up.

Happy Birthday Jaidon!


Nicole Montgomery said...

This is still as beautiful as it was when I read it 5 years ago.

I cannot believe our babies are (turning) 5!! Crazy!

Happy Birthday Jaidon!

Jessica said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday to him!

evilcarrot said...

I remember those pics! That fuzzy little head, awwwww. Happy birthday little man. Time's flying!

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

New to your blog. Love the birth story. Happy belated birthday to your little man!