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Ignorance is Bliss...


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So as you know yesterday was about being aware. Today I doubled up and did two days. Acceptance and forgiveness.

I am aware of who I am, who those I love are, and accept us all as is and I either choose to remain loyal or give you the boot. I forgive myself for any wrong doing and forgive those who have done me wrong.

Now with that being said...becoming aware is a powerful thing. Today someone treated me the same way I treat my husband and it not only hurt, but irritated the heck out of me. Funny thing is my hubby alway's says "You'll never understand it until it happens to you." OMG...he was right. Whodathunkit

Kari...I hope you're reading this because I will never fess up to this in person...LOL!!! You were right and I was wrong. I love you!


It's Me Alisha ッ said...

my mother always told me the same thing ..! she said that it will never hurt on till it happens to you..! I always said that i would never fall that deep in love so i could get hurt, like some of my friends and then guess what happens..!
So now knowing what i know now i don't pass any judgments anymore I treat people that way I would like to be treated..!

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Allot of time we don't understand the hurt we place on others until something is done to us. The good thing is that you realize your mistake and admit you wrong. Allot of the time admitting fault is a downfall in many marriages/relationships.