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What's Your Legacy?

Today Michael Jackson has passed on at age 50. There was a time when people were concerned about the legacy left behind. It seems as though today we just live our lives concerned about the material things in life instead of what really matters. Michael was not only the King of Pop, he was the King of Entertainment. So many people's childhood memories include MJ's music. He was our idol, our hero, and even babysitter for some. I can remember my brother almost getting his ass kicked in middle school for doing the moon walk at a school dance. Sometimes it takes the death of someone special to breathe life into those left behind. In honor of Michael I ask that you take time to reflect on your own life and think about the legacy you'd like to leave. Money, cars, clothes, and jewelry won't be going with us into heaven and God won't be concerned about how many of these things we acquired. What story will you have to tell?

And for those who love negativity. I'm aware that MJ was "accused" of many foul things, but he was also acquitted of all charges. We all fall short at times and only God can judge us. God blessed him with many talents and he continuously shared these gifts with the world.

And on a final note. A lot people may have considered MJ to be eccentric or even crazy, but unlike many of us he stayed true to who he was. In the words of Marilyn Monroe "it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

R.I.P Michael Jackson August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

Gone, but NEVER forgotten

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