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Chapter...ummm I lost count

So today marks the day of a new Chapter of my life. It's semi ironic considering it's independence day today. My husband is being deployed immediately after our move so I will learn the true meaning of independence. I've always been a go getter and can hold my own, but taking care of 2 kids in a new place with no family and friends will be a challenge. I knew this day was coming yet somehow it still came as a surprise. I guess this is what the Navy meant by the motto "expect the unexpected".

Lemoore NAS here we come. This will most likely be a very interesting journey. Road trip from TX to CA with 2 children...who does that??? I will definitely take lots of pictures and probably will have quite a story to tell. Hopefully we'll be able to pull over somewhere and pop firecrackers...that will be fun.

I spent most of my last day packing, but was also able to have dinner w/ who has become my new bff. Mila and I do everything together and now I'm leaving. I even already consider her lil girl my daughter in law (yes I am aware she is only four and my baby boy is three). :( I will miss all my fam and friends, but Mila especially. Who the hell am I going to cook for now??? lol

Here is a pic of my kiddos w/ Mila's daughter Katherine.


I can't say that I'm excited about this new phase of my life because there is still so much uncertainty, but I love my husband and when I married him I married the Navy. Hubby will be deploying this month so please pray for my family.

A lot of people still talk smack about the military and what's going on overseas. My brother and his wife are currently in Iraq. I miss them sooooo much. You don't have to support causes you don't believe in, but please support our troops.

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