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Day 52

The fact the Reagan has made its way home makes me miss my sailor even more. I can't wait to be the proud wife cleaning house, putting out signs, and planning the homecoming dinner and celebration. Times like these make me appreciate the friends I have out here. Today was spent with my very special friend Esha, who I love dearly.

First up was The Ladies Room. It was a very nice change from the typical nail salon. Instead of Asians speaking their native language and rushing to make as much money as possible, these were a variety of beautiful American women proud to give you the nails you deserve. The salon is decorated in Sailor Jerry themed artwork and Marilyn Monroe photos. The nails are one of a kind and I'm more than pleased with the end result. Jamie was responsible for my work of art, but it's not hard to tell that the owner, Courtney, is where the true talent lies. I would suggest that if you live in the Hanford/Lemoore area you immediately look up this salon and book an appointment...I plan to be a loyal client until we leave the area.

Next we hit up Old Firehouse Restaurant & Lounge for dinner. Tuesdays are known for $1 tacos. OMFG they're so effin amazing. The $1 tacos are beef or chicken, but you can get fish or carne asada for $2 each. All four are super delicious and they're very fresh and made to order. They also have a brunch buffet on Sundays for $9.99 and for an additional $5 you can get unlimited mimosas...I can't wait to check it out. The people are really down to earth and sweet as pie.

Wii Fit Plus was the nightcap and very fitting considering Esha and I ate about five or six tacos a piece and needed to burn off all those calories. I discovered my balance sucks and I get tired very easily, but there is no better way to workout. Whoever invented that game was pure genious and I definitely need to invest in it or I will probably be driving Esha insane.

Here we are in action. I'm trying to hoola hoop and Esha is flapping her

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