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Long Hair, Dont Care

Is there a such thing as too long????

When I see anyone with hair longer than mid-back I think crazy psycho. It may not be right, but I only know hippie-types or really weird people to have super long hair. How about Cousin It or the little girl from The Ring for that matter? I beleieve growing one's hair can become an addiction. Another version of hoarding perhaps.

As you know I have chopped off all my hair to grow it back natural and healthy. With that decision I have been pondering how long I will go.

While discussing this subject with my hubby I discovered he had interesting views that I wasn't aware of. He doesn't believe hair was meant to be cut. I know most men prefer long hair, but how long? I threw out different lenghths such as waist length, hip, mid-thigh, knee. He didnt have a problem with any of the lengths as long as it's healthy and taken care of.

My short self with hair to my knees makes me laugh. As if my butt doesn't bring enough weight to the table as it is. I just can't imagine having hair longer than mid-back. I guess we will have to see.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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