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So I have my channel and no inspiration. Is there anything y'all would like to see from me? Anything at all. You name it and I will do it. I'm bored people!

♥ SailorWifey


Makeup Mama said...

Hey mama, I'd love to see your everyday foundation's something I look up when I'm bored. I love seeing how different people apply their foundation! What's your youtube link?

And thanks for the comment on my nail blog. It's 6 months long, but it's only 2 days a week. When do you start yours and how long is it?

susies1955 said...

Anything nails. :)

SailorWifey said...

Thank for commenting girls!

@Steph I hardly wear foundation so I may need to practice that

@Susie I plan to do a marbling video whenever I buy some more toothpicks

♥ SailorWifey

SailorWifey said...

@Susie I forgot to answer your question. I started this blog last year as a way to cope with my hubby's deployment, but didn't get serious about it until this month. I try to write at least every other day.

♥ SailorWifey