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Feeling slightly depressed these last two days. I'm not really sure why...probably isn't anything other than me being bipolar. I wish there was something natural I could take to keep the sadness away. I hate the meds they gave me so I threw them out. Trying to battle being bipolar alone isn't easy. I'm extremely homesick. Being a navy wife is sooo hard. I miss my support system. I feel bad that I don't feel like my family is enough, but I had a good team back home. We worked together and everything was just right. I'm chugging along though.

On another note, I broke two nails yesterday and had to file them all down. I guess that's what I get for quitting my Duri. I feel like I'm starting over again and I worked so hard to grow them out, but I know they will be back before I know it. If you haven't tried Duri Rejuvacote then you makes all the difference.



~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Hang in there, the happy weather is on it's way and that helps a lot. Bipolar peeps are famous for tossing their meds. (I know quite a few.) Maybe you'd benefit from some nutrition and herbal supplement information? I dunno, for me, I take the drugs when I need to, but I am not bipolar. I hope you feel better soon!

Brittany B. said...

Thanks so much. I think I would be a lot better off changing my diet and adding some supplements, but I don't know any other bipolar people so I'm not really sure where to start. The meds had horrible side effects. I started lactating and was just too much. It has gotten warm here so that is boosting my spirits a bit. Thanks for the well wishes.