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Month of the Military Child

April is month of the military child. All month there have been special activities for the kids to participate in. Today was free bowling and our family had a blast. I kept bowling gutter balls and managed to get trampled on by all the boys. My oldest won the first game.

Although there are benefits to being a military brat, I believe it's one of the hardest jobs. They have no control in how often they see their mom or dad and in some cases both. Children do not deserve the emotional strees they're forced to go through due to having a military parent. So far my children love the new life we have. They have a lot of privileges that weren't available back home. One big difference is they can enjoy playing outside freely since we live on base. Back home we lived in an apartment complex and they were forced to be in the house most of the time. David says he has many more friends here and Jaidon has become the ultimate ladies man. It just stinks that Dad missed the last two thanksgivings, a few birthdays, and even Christmas year before last. It was really hard to try to explain to Jaidon what a deployment was. Every day he would ask why his Daddy was taking too long to come home. Differences in time zones made it nearly impossible for Kari to speak to the kids when he got to call. If you know a military child take the time to give them just a little bit of extra love and attention because they really don't have it easy.


Krista Jo said...

Well Said Bree!!

MomLovesDeals said...

Thank you! My husband was in the Army before we met and has talked about going back in. Now that we have two, the stakes are higher so I really appreciate learning from other moms what it would be like.

**AmazonChick** said...

gave you a blog award!!

SailorWifey said...

@Krista Jo...Thanks!

@MomLovesDeals.. No problem. I'm thinking of having my oldest guest blog since he's writing pretty decent now. Kids always express things in ways I never would think about.

@AmazonChick...Are you serious??? OMG!!! Thanks!