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10 Great Things About Being SailorWifey

  1. The People - I'm very social and love to meet new people. I especially like the fact that the people I meet are from all over the place so I sorta live in a melting pot.
  2. Being a SAHM - I'm not the best at being a homemaker, but I do enjoy it. Military children have it hard enough with one parent working CRAZY hours. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't be here for them all the time.
  3. Traveling - Although this is only my first duty station I love the fact that we will get to move about. I get bored easily so this is the perfect life in that sense. I also enjoy the fact that my husband gets to see the world. Prior to the Navy he hadn't seen much outside of Texas...he saw mountains for the first time while driving from Texas to California.
  4. NEX/Commisary - Now the one by us kinda sucks, but I do enjoy the cheaper and tax-free deals that I do find.
  5. Discounts - Even though it annoys me that my husband asks about military discounts everywhere we go I do enjoy the savings.
  6. Having Navy Brats - I was a Navy Brat and now my sons are too.
  7. Honor & Pride - it feels good knowing that my hubby serves our country and knowing that he chose me to be by his side through this.
  8. Benefits (like health insurance) - We are extremely blessed to have the benefits the military provides, especially with the current state of the economy.
  9. Uniform - My hubby is super cute in his cami's
  10. Education - the schools on base are really good and I love that they're involved and understaning of military life.
My list is in no specific order and was actually really hard for me to write. I've only been a military wife a short time and still have a lot to see and learn.

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Ria said...

And also you love pets :)
Thanks for sharing !!!
Have a beautiful day and week!

SailorWifey said...

Yes I do love my pets :) I guess they're Navy Brats too!

Same to you!

Jessica said...

Great list!

Thank you for sharing! I hope your having a wonderful day!

Kathryn said...

Great list! I have a lot of the same! :)

SailorWifey said...

Thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Loving the list!

RattButt said...

Hi! I like your list. I found you through the MilSpouse Blog Hop. I look forward to stopping back by. (c:

Ria said...

You have a blog award waiting for you over at mine! Congrats!!

SailorWifey said...

Thanks for reading yall.

Ria you are too kind. Thanks!