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I Heart Freebies

I've been trying really hard to be frugal lately. It's really hard because I LOVE buying stuff, but since I don't work and my hubby is still failry new to the military or income is pretty low. I recently found out that there is an organization that gives out free produce each month. It's so easy too...I simply printed my name and phone number and then took what I want. Today there was only banana's and salad greens, but I am very thankful. If you're in the Central Vally California Area you definitely want to check out FoodLink.


Tinuke said...

Hi Sailorwifey. I am awarding you the stylish blog award. Pls check it out on my blog

trooppetrie said...

WOW, that sounds amazing. First welcome to the military. What a wonderful life. I do remember those first years and counting pennies.
Have you heard of angel food ministries. It is not income based and is great food. go to
We used them for a long time and would now if DH was home

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Thats great take advantage of the freebies :)

SailorWifey said...

Another award?!?! Thanks Tinuke!

Trooppetrie - Thanks! I have heard of Angel Food Ministries, but haven't tried them out. There are two downsides for me. One is the paying for the food way before I can pick it up and the second is the fact that I have to drive to Visalia (about 30 minutes away) to pick it up. I may try it out though...they have some new kids snack packs I'm eyeballing.

Rmcandelight - Thanks

M or M said...

wow! thats awesome!!!
I am going to try that! Like I am a broke college student and I hate spending money on food. like id rather buy beer and clothing.. i know its sad and its getting to be a

SailorWifey said...

M or just need to sit down and make a budget. Budget everything...even the beer and clothing. Following them is hard, but trust me it's a skill you need to learn...NOW

♥ SailorWifey