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Something for me and Something for YOU

Tinuke from Fierce Beauty has bestowed upon me the Stylish Blogger Award. I've never really considered myself stylish so I'm truly honored. Thanks!

Ok so I have to state 5 facts about myself and pass this award along to 5 people.

About Me:

  1. I have HUGE feet. I'm a wide 9.5 (mostly wear 10s) and I'm only 5'3
  2. I LOVE tattoos...I'd totally be tatted up and a suicide girl if my hubby was ok with it
  3. My nose and belly button is pierced. I'd love more piercings and I'm trying to convince hubby to let me get an anchored one.
  4. I need braces. I have both an under and over bite which has left me with the ability to stick my tongue out with my teeth firmly clamped shut.
  5. I'm  an alcoholic...LOL ok not really, but I love alcoholic beverages. My favorite drinks are Moscato, Crown & Coke, Washington Apples, & Jager Bombs.
I tried to think of stuff I haven't mentioned before. Now for the 5 people to pass this along to.

  1. Bi-Challenged - I only found this girl yesterday and I already love her. She is bipolar (I'm not alone) and has this cool swag about her that geeks can only dream about. She ♥ sneakers and that is one item I can't pull off for the life of me.
  2. & I Heard Her Say - A cleavage whore with a sneaker fetish.
  3. I Bleed Pink - Even her blog title has style. I dunno what else to say besides she's the bomb like tik tik.
  4. Life is Shit? Put Glitter On It - If only it were that simple...LOL. I forget where she is from, but I really love her style.
  5. Natural Hair Rules - I actually went to highschool w/ her hubby and they go to the same church as my family back home. Natural Hair Rules...nuff said!
Now. I bet you're wondering who the heck won the the giveaway (chosen via

Drumroll Please..





Laura from Sawan...Congrats!!!!


Samantha said...

Blog hopping around and hopped onto your blog! Come check mine out, I'm having a fun little contest! Hope to read more!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Thanks so much!!! Yay!

I sent you a penny. :oP