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Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy

I guess I'll talk about being homesick today.

I moved a lot as a child. My dad was in the Navy himself so I thought I was prepared to be a Sailor's wife. I honestly didn't think moving away from those I love would affect me the way it has. I thought of it more as an adventure and a fresh start. Each time we moved I swore I'd be popular at the new school....never worked out that way.

I miss my Nana. She spoils me rotten even though I'm grown with children of my own.

I miss my Mommy...I moved as soon as we finally started building a real relationship.

I miss my friends....Faren, Mila, Charmanie, Lesly, Roscoe, Sus, Bama...all of them.

I miss the option of going out and having a good time....we're in for real!

I miss cooking for all my friends and family and then watching reality tv together.

I miss getting my hair done...still haven't found anyone out here.

I miss Houston all together.

I wasn't nearly as depressed home as I am here. I try not to be too negative or depressing on here because where is the fun in that, but I'm bipolar...being depressed is part of who I am and I'm tired of not letting it out. I'm just ready to go back home.


Amandita said...

Hey there girl, I just tagged you =)

A Marine's Wife! said...

I'm with ya. I'm SO homesick lately.

Anonymous said...

Aw homesickness is the worst. Keep your head up!

Selina said...

Check my blog! I just nominated you for an award!!! =)

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Link to your post:

Jackie S. said...

Aww, feel better, its bound to get better soon :)