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Day 5: Favorite Quote

"If you think the grass is greener on the other side, fertilize your own lawn." author unkown

Nothing is as it seems...everybody has problems...everybody has both trials and tribulations. Don't be a hater or lust after what somebody has...if you believe you deserve better or more out of life then get off your ass and go get it!


Jackie S. said...


Amandita said...

Well said.

Cassie said...

That is SO true!

Ashley said...

That is awesome!

Blessing said...

Very true!

I have you listed under my Military Resources...I just started my new blog, since my husband just joined the army and he is currently at Basic and then heading to Officer Candidate school in the fall. I am excited about my life in the army and I am glad to find military spouses like you on the blogosphere.

You can find my blog at Musings Of An Army Wife I have followed you, so feel free to follow me back. Have a terrific day!