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'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

Thursday Blog Hops

Lets go down memory lane! Every Thursday From PDX with Love, Mommy Only Has Two Hands, and It Keeps Getting Better hosts 'Today A Year Ago' blog hop. It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory or, even better, a photo taken a year ago!

The only thing I can remember from a year ago today is that I was pregnant. I was anxious all day because I knew my ultra sound was the next day. We wanted that baby so bad. Sorry mine is a little depressing.

I love you my sweet child.


Heather said...

Hi!! I'm sorry about this. :( I've had miscarriages, but I haven't had one already having an ultrasound, I'm sooo sorry!! *Hug*

Thank you for doing the Thursday Blog hop. I didn't know you had done it til I saw you were a new follower. I'm gonna add your post to the linky for ya!


Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Every Test is a Testimony. So when the time is right you and hubby will be bless with a baby.

SailorWifey said...

Hi Heather *waves* - I meant to add to the linky, but I guess I got sidetracked...LOL! Thanks! It's been a journey since last September when I lost the baby, but I'm a survivor.

@RWOC - That is so true! Thanks! We've chose to wait awhile before trying again, but I know we'll have another if and when it's meant to be.

♥ SailorWifey

Sharina said...

I'm so sorry, but in the midst of all the hurt and pain, God has a plan in store for the both of you.

Found you from today's blog hop and am now a new follower

stop by and visit me sometimes

Sassy Wife said...

Ok, so sorry about your lost. Trust me when I say..I understand!! Keeping you and hubby in my prayers. Sending lots of Sassy Love your way. ~XOXO

SailorWifey said...

@Sharina - Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely checkout your blog :)

@Sassy - Thanks for your prayers. I'm feeling the love :)