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Bare with me y'all...

I know I've pretty much let my blog die recently, but I'm asking those of you that are still around to please stay as I revamp my blog. I'm in the process of refocusing the objective of my blog. I started this blog as an outlet and it has evolved into a million different things along the way with no direct purpose. I'd now like for the primary focus to be centered around my life as a navy wife. This will still include my occasional ramblings about nothing important, but at least I will have a goal and some direction. I also plan to bring back my giveaways so please, please, please stay tuned. Thanks and I love y'all!


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Still around. :oP

By the way. Nationwide Nail Supply are only going to sell to pros now. Nooooooo!!!

They received complaints from shops. I guess nail salons ands shop couldn't compete.


SailorWifey said...

Thanks for sticking around, Laura! I reaaly appreciate it :)

Are you serious? That stinks. Perhaps that means you should acquire a manicure license lol. I'm hearing of more and more people cracking down in the industry. I guess with the wealth of knowledge being made available due to technology those that are in the industry are suffering immensely so while it stinks I must admit that I understand...still stinks though especially considering I never had the oppertunity to go. Regardless we must still shop and do lunch when I have the oppertunity to come home ;)

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I have been thinking about starting an online gift shop, and perhaps nail polishes and stuff can be part of it. :oP

I do need some retail therapy.

SailorWifey said...

Thatis a GREAT idea...let me know if you do :)