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Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Recap.

This weekend a good friend of mine kidnapped me Saturday for some much needed girl time. I had a blast!

Trying on sunglasses at Lane Bryant:

Now clothes:

I love the top, but think it would be better suited with leggings. Yes my thick grown behind wear leggings and I love them. I just think they should be paried with a long shirt or short dress.

Loving the flower detail on the purse.

Lunch at Bravo Farms was superb. I had a bbq salmon salad w/ spicy french dressing.

She had a grilled chicken sandwhich on herb focaccia bread w/ sea salt potato chips.

We added lemons and strawberries to our water so it wasn't so boring.

E being silly in Claires:

Trying on pretty awesome aprons:

so me:

totally something E would say to me...big meanie!

A message to her future hubby

Sushi at Akamaru (FIVE STARS) for dinner:

We ate two plates before we realized we forgot to take pics. Yeah I'm greedy!

This is the hottest stuff I've ever had in life. NEVER AGAIN
OMG Roll (should be called WTF...just sayin)
A spicy tuna roll topped with salmon, yellowtail and jalapeno. Spiked with Sano's spicy sauce and smelt eggs.

We also had manis/pedis while in Visailia. Saturday took a huge load off. Thanks E!

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Lisa Fergus said...

Wow...looks like such a fun time! Made me want to shop and eat all at the same time! :) Well, I am 9 months pregnant! ;)

SailorWifey said...

Thanks for stopping by. Shopping and eating is the best when pregnant :)

Isha Shiri said...

Hello! I loved your blog. The posts are excellents.

May your days be sweet like honey!

deyn said...