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9/21-9/27 Recap

I didn't have anything extra special I wanted to write about today so I figured I could do a weekly recap instead.

I started working out this week. I managed to fit in 3 days this week and I'm very proud of myself. Wednesday my friend and I decided to try out Zumba and I didn't last 15 min. I believe I need to get in shape before I try that out again. It's extremely fun but boy is it fast paced. I want to lose at least twenty pounds by my birthday/christmas so I'm cute when I go home.

I met another wife from Houston this week. For Texas to be so big I've met a lot of people from there so I think the Navy does a lot of recruiting So far she is pretty cool and has introduced me to a few other wives. I'm starting to feel as though I have a bit of a life again, but I still miss home a lot.

Friday my Lemoore bestie and I got drunk on Jager bombs and just chilled. Boredom and alcohol/energy drinks don't mix. We were up til 3 am bored and hyper as hell, but we had a blast.

Today I finally managed to get some school work done. Let me just say that chemistry SUCKS! I hate math and I hate the fact that science (which I love) snuck some math in I hope I did ok on my chemistry quiz and I'll be glad when I'm done with school.

I miss my hubby a lot and counting the days til we see each other again.

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