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Lashes & Lips Giveaway

I need to get my lash game up. I was born with a beautiful set so I've never wanted falsies, but now that I want to enter makeup contests for  non-everyday looks I think I need them.

Anywho, Glamour Buzz is having her first ever giveaway appropriately named Lashes & Lips!

Ardell DuraLash Eyelash Extension Kit (includes 88 individual lashes, tweezers, adhesive, remover & instructions)

False Eyelashes

Clear Lash Glue

NYC Lip Slider (Sugar Baby)

Sephora Gloss Ultra-Brilliance (60 - Plum color)

Maybelline Moisture Extreme SPF15 (G280 - Mocha Ice)

Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolor (160 - Born With It)

& a Surprise gift!

Approximately $50 value!!
♥ SailorWifey


Makeup Mama said...

Hey! haha, love that comment about you sitting and waiting on the update. I think the thing that scares me a bit is that we have to learn about all the bones in the hands, pressure points (don't want to hit a specific pressure point on the foot and put some poor pregnant woman into labour), different nail problems. I kind of forgot about that bit, I figured I'd just have to paint some nails. lol. The cool thing is that my teacher is so young and really relaxed and she owns her own spa in a major hot spot downtown, I'll get more in depth when I get to learning, it was only orientation :)

SailorWifey said...

My friend actually let me borrow her cosmetology book to hold me over until I start taking I know exactly what you're talking about and the pix are soooooooooo gross. Glad you like your first day hun!

♥ SailorWifey